Who we are

Some Words About us

We are a team driven by the passion for bringing relieving to homeowners and business owners when it comes to cleaning their living or office spaces. From facts harvest from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, between age 25 to 54, an average American spent daily 7.6 hours sleeping and 8.6 hours working. A clean and neat sleeping or working environment boost productivity as well as happiness. Our team expertise offers you just that. Letting us take care of your cleaning needs, allows you to focus on your business and reenergize after your work days in a clean and neat house. We love doing what we know to do best: Keeping places cleaner, shinier and better. Ask any of our clients, and they will tell you how we take each client homes or offices as our own.


Leave people happier, prouder with more productivity in their working space as well as their home. We aspire to bring more comfort in people homes and offices by taking a good care of their living and working spaces. Through this, allowing our team members’ growth.


At NeatClean we choose to be part of people’s daily happiness by providing quality cleaning services to homeowners and business owners. Our cleaning services bring relief to help families to have a better quality of life and enjoyable time to share with their loved ones. As a result, our passionate team grows with fulfillment and a sense of accomplishments. Our first choice in our cleaning services is always for green cleaning products. We do this not only for the environment but also for the health of people we serve. Our focus aims to serve and offer opportunities in the Triangle area in North Carolina.




Rosario started the company 6 years ago after 12 years helping people keep their homes neat and clean. With a dream to help more passionate people as herself, she started building a team around her for more clients’ satisfaction.


Office Manager

Marisol Silva

With her passion in relationship development, and motivated by her mother example Marisol assure that the office runs smoothly to guarantee our clients priorities. She invests herself to get the right team at the right house.


Field Supervisor

Josefina Damian

Josefina supervise all our team works in clients homes or offices, she evaluates all details around the cleaning services provided. With years of experience and as a loving mother, she masters the ins and outs of what a neat and clean house is.