CleanGuru – The ONE Secret To Growing A Successful Cleaning Business?

CleanGuru – The ONE Secret To Growing A Successful Cleaning Business?

Want the ONE secret to having a fun, fast growing and profitable cleaning business? Don’t miss this episode of our video series Flip My Cleaning Business from Painful to PROFITABLE! You’ll hear in just a few minutes what it really takes to flip a cleaning business from painful to profitable. Want to flip yours?

Cleaning Kitchens : How To Clean Aluminum Cookware

Cleaning Kitchens : How To Clean Aluminum Cookware
Clean aluminum cookware by scrubbing it with a commercial cleaning powder. Find out more about removing grease and stains on aluminum cookware in this free video from a professional home organizer about cleaning kitchens.

Expert: Ann Myrick
Bio: Since 1997, Ann Myrick has been a professional decorator, house cleaner, home organizer and planner.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

Why The Office Cleaning Business

Why The Office Cleaning Business

Why The Office Cleaning Business?
-We live in times of an uncertain economy -where people are losing their jobs because of shut downs, downsizings and jobs being exported. – In addition —

The value of our dollar goes up and down. The Office Cleaning Business is a perfect service type business that will thrive regardless of the state of the economy
In reality – this troubled economy doesn’t really affect this business at all

It is consider by many to be a recession proof business Unlimited Income Potential your Office Cleaning Business can be as large as you want

it it is very easy to scale up your cleaning business at any time …
you decide the size!
* only your imagination will hold you back in the income potential of your businessGenerates Income Quickly
* This Video Course teaches an easy and straight forward approach to getting profitable cleaning contracts
* that will generates monthly income fastWill Allow You The Opportunity To Become Financial Independent
You won’t have to continue punching a time clock
You and your family won’t need to do without – because you can’t afford it
If you need more money – it is as simple as getting another Office Cleaning Contract
It’s like giving yourself a raise – anytime you want
There really is no limitWork Your Own Flexible Schedule
you get to set your own hours and the days you want to work or the days you don’t want to work
* you’re the boss – it is your businessGet Paid On Time – All The Time
* no lay offs
get paid each month – like clockwork
just like a guaranteed income – month after month, after month
* full time income with part time workThe Cleaning Industry is a HUGE industry
a 78 Billion $ industry – (picture)
Why not get your share?
No matter how bad the economy gets – businesses still require their offices to be cleaned
Doctors are not going to empty their own trash cans
Lawyers are not going to vacuum their own carpets
* Managers are not going to wash thrown floorsBut they will gladly pay YOU to do it for them.
You could be making more money – than some of these professionals – working part time in the evenings while getting a full time income.
* This is one of the things that makes the Office Cleaning Business so great.I actually know of an accountant – who graduated from University – and after a short period of time – started his own Office Cleaning Business —- because he realized he could make more money doing Office Cleaning than he could in his accounting career.
* That – is great news! Great advantage – in the Office Cleaning Business model that we teach you in that – you don’t have all your income based on one client or one job.
so many people today have all there income tied up in one job — is something happens — major disaster
In the Office Cleaning Business – All of your eggs are not in one basket.
your income is spread over a number of different clients.
if one clients goes under – you don’tInstead – you continue to grow your business – AND GROW YOUR INCOME by acquiring new clients,
And we will show you this in our Video CourseThe Office Cleaning Business is considered an evergreen business.
no matter how bad the economy gets – people will still need their offices cleaned
* it is the only almost recession proof business aroundYou Need To Get Started Right Now!- That is what this video course is all about – – that is — to put the information in your hands – to begin your very own profitable Office Cleaning Business today

VC-4000-C Features Video, VAPOR STEAM CLEANER Powerful Commercial / Industrial Steam Cleaner, JRI

VC-4000-C Features Video, VAPOR STEAM CLEANER Powerful Commercial / Industrial Steam Cleaner, JRI
— Videos Demonstrates The Powerful Features Of the VC 4000-C Vapor Steam Cleaner System. Commercial Steam Cleaners work! JRI. Commercial and industrial professional, Janitorial, steam cleaner contractors, hotels, auto detail industry and much more. Best steam cleaner prices guaranteed!

Wheelie Bin Cleaners; 360 Spinning Heads, Trash Bin Cleaners; Sparkling Bins 305.382.2467

Wheelie Bin Cleaners; 360 Spinning Heads, Trash Bin Cleaners; Sparkling Bins 305.382.2467
Sparkling Bins specializes in residential and commercial cleaning…cleaning over 2,000 trash & recycle bins (cans) per week, as well as building state of the art truck and trailer mounted bin cleaning devices. Our Universal Hydraulic 1 & 2-bin lifter are custom engineered for bin washing…the only one in the industry!! All of our equipment is manufactured in the USA, and all parts are readily available through Sparkling Bins or through the manufacturer. Our bin cleaners have been proven to clean over 200 bins per day. Our bin cleaners can also be used for residential and commercial pressure washing. We also offer a full waste water recovery system, which allows you to clean 2, 4, 6 and 8 yard commercial dumpsters. Additional options also include a 9–stage water filtration system.

Making Your House Neat Clean

Do you have friends, relatives, neighbors or colleagues who have used the services of a professional cleaning company recently? You can always ask for referrals or recommendations but it’s prudent to inquire about their experiences working with that professional cleaner. If everything sounds good, you can rest assured that your cleaning project is in the best hands.
On the other hand, you can always find a professional cleaning service online to handle any cleaning after moving out of your old home or office, before moving into the new place and also after a remodel in your home or office. Don’t forget to review their website thoroughly to make sure they are the best fit for your cleaning needs.

Owning a home is one thing, keeping it glittering clean is another. A messy place reflects negativity, but a clean home is a source of positive energy. We all long for cleanliness, particularly in our homes. House cleaning is an inevitable task, and on the other hand, it can be puzzling when you combine it with a busy schedule. This is why it is vital to consider hiring a residential cleaning professional for help. These professionals offer a plethora of residential cleaning services including and not limited to:

Kitchen cleaning and maintenance

The kitchen is where food is prepared. It is also a place you warm yourselves during cold winter. Since the kitchen is the most used place in a home, it should be kept clean always. Cleaning and maintaining a hygienic kitchen environment doesnít have to be a journey or a sacrifice. Kitchen cleaning involves cleaning of countertops, wiping down all cabinet surfaces, emptying garbage bins, cleaning sinks and kitchen appliances, sweeping and scrubbing floors and more. Refrigerators also need to be scoured once a month. Other appliances such as ovens and microwaves need proper cleaning. Thorough kitchen cleaning helps to eliminate instances of food poisoning and other health issues.

Window cleaning
Windows reflect how a homeowner cares for their property. Clean windows let in natural light giving its occupants crispy glimpse of their neighborhood. Keeping them clean should be a priority. Window cleaning involves cleaning out of dust, dirt, fingerprints, grime, and streak that build upon the glass. Windows are cleaned both inside and outside to ensure that they shine like they were new. Paper towels, spray bottles and squeegee are some popular window cleaning methods.

Floor cleaning
Floor cleaning varies depending on the type of floor installed in a home. Wood floors are subjected to wear and tear that occur from spills, traffic and even furniture. With time, wood floors can become dull and might need refinishing and sanding. However, maintaining them through regular cleaning can prove to be cost-effective. Cleaning of such floors involves using of water-based finishes and sealers safeguard. Other methods of floor cleaning include burnishing or polishing, scrubbing, mopping, buffing, scarifying, and spray cleaning. Homeowners should emphasize on the use of environmentally friendly products when cleaning their floors.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Scrubbing and mobbing do not suffice deep clean tile surfaces. Grout is porous. Therefore, it absorbs all the dirt and debris. Mopping will only remove the surface soils leaving behind the embedded dirt that make your gout appear dull. Grout-sealing products are recommended for clean grout. Discolored gout may need to be re-colored to make them shine again. When choosing tile and grout cleaning, ensure that it is safe for all types of floors be it porcelain, ceramic, limestone or travertine.

Upholstery cleaning
Upholstered furniture can harbor pollen, pet hairs, germs, food crumbs, blemishes, and stains. It is very common in homes that frequently host friends or have kids and pets around. Upholstery cleaning helps to flush out such materials leaving your furniture clean and fresh. However, it should be safe and friendly not to damage the furniture.

Bathroom Cleaning
Hair-hogged drains, mysterious grease on the floor and stubborn soap residues on the walls of your bathroom can be detrimental to you and your family. Bathroom cleaning is an activity that none fancy doing. However, bathrooms have to be cleaned. Residential bathroom cleaning involves the use of surface sprays to disinfect sinks, polishing of showerheads, toilet cleaning, glass shower door cleaning and more. Shower walls can be wiped using a squeegee and other scrubbing tools for stubborn residues. Essential oils such as lavender and lemon can be used to give your bathroom a pleasant smell. Everybody wants a clutter-free bathroom as this is where you spend good moments outside the world.

Bedroom Cleaning
No one wants to breathe that stale and dirty air, but this is what happens when we fail to clean our bedrooms. Sheets, mattresses, and bedcovers require regular cleaning. This is because they collect dust and dirt with time and can pose serious health effects to those who are allergic. Wiping and dusting bed cloths does not suffice a clean bedroom. Deep cleaning is recommended especially for those whoíve never cleaned their bedrooms. Bedroom floors, walls, and ceilings too need proper cleaning. It is also recommended that you declutter your bedroom for easy cleaning. Vacuum may be needed to suck the dust and dead skin from your beddings. Residential cleaners understand how proper bedroom cleaning is done.

There are several types of residential cleaning services. It is fundamental to determine the types of services a homeowner wants before hiring any cleaning service. All the services and system provided by the cleaning company should be detailed before embarking on the cleaning task.

CleanGuru – The Secret To Marketing And Selling Janitorial Services

CleanGuru – The Secret To Marketing And Selling Janitorial Services

It’s not what you’re used to hearing, is it? No, you’re used to hearing how you have to land the sale, NOW, whatever it takes. We say, Baloney!. But, don’t think that means were willing to accept anything less than having a cleaning business that’s fast growing, profitable and fun to run. It doesn’t. In fact, quite to the contrary, we found our marketing and selling strategy of Aiming to be NEXT actually propelled our cleaning business forward.

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