How To Estimate Commercial Cleaning Jobs

How To Estimate Commercial Cleaning Jobs
When you are starting a cleaning business, estimating or pricing a building can be intimidating.

Most new cleaning business owners are concerned that they will either overbid and lose the job, or under bid and cut themselves short. It’s a delicate balance for sure.

Before you go to visit a building you should look up the company online.

You should know who they are and what they do. Make sure you map out exactly where the building is located so you can arrive on time.

When you arrive be sure to exit your vehicle immediately and walk inside. I typically walk up to the reception desk, introduce myself and tell them who I am there to see.

Once the contact person comes out, I introduce myself again.
At this point the sales process is in full swing, but don’t just start trying to ‘sell’.

Try to stay in the discovery mode, learning as much as you can about your potential client.

Make sure the contact person is comfortable with you.
A person will decide in about 8 seconds if they like you. First impressions are so crucial, it’s important to be well dressed and professional.

If you don’t have any prior sales experience I recommend reading The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy. In most cases the person I am meeting will ask me where I would like to start.

I tell them that I would like to do a short walk through of the building and learn about their cleaning needs.

Things I like to find out:
• How often they have cleaning done
• What time of day cleaning takes place
• How many employees work in the office
• Do they want the desks, phones & office equipment cleaned
• Do we have to provide restroom supplies or trash bags

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Commercial Window Cleaning Service Phoenix Arizona

Commercial Window Cleaning Service Phoenix Arizona
Commercial window cleaning at a local hospital. We take our time doing the job making sure it’s done right. Commercial cleaning service that is affordable and comes with our satisfaction guarantee. Our business cleaning services are what sets us apart from our competition. Give us a call for free estimates.

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Quarry TIle Cleaning Demonstration.

Quarry TIle Cleaning Demonstration.
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Expert: Ann Myrick
Bio: Since 1997, Ann Myrick has been a professional decorator, house cleaner, home organizer and planner.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

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