Home Cleaning

Enjoy your family time and lets us enjoy cleaning your home.  With most families today keeping very tight schedules, housecleaning takes a backseat. The bad news is research shows that Americans between the ages of 49 and 65 years have a higher risk of heart disease based on their levels of physical activities with cleanliness in their homes.

The good news, however, you can remain healthy and active by regular home cleaning. Why not create a safe, clean and comfortable living environment for you and your family? We are a trusted name in the industry having performed professional cleaning services for many years.

All Rooms

We clean almost every part of your house including furniture, shelves, woodwork, dust picture frames, ceiling fans, baseboards, and knickknacks. We also get rid of cobwebs, vacuum carpets, dry wood floors and any other floor. Don’t worry about wastebaskets and ashtrays too, we’ve got you covered.


This is one of your high traffic areas of your residence and much more attention is needed. Our professional will disinfect, clean and sanitize every available surface in your kitchen including control knobs, appliance surfaces, stove drip pans, range hoods and burner grates.

The splatters inside the microwave are easily removed, the countertops thoroughly washed and turntable scrabbled. We ensure that your kitchen is professionally cleaned with all the breakable items treated with utmost care to add a fantastic final touch.

A clean refrigerator not only smells lovely but keeps your health in the good state. It’s crucial to observe regular cleaning for your fridge, but you may notice small food particles and faint odor coming out. Our professional services can do a thorough fridge cleaning for you to keep your family protected and your house smelling awesome.


Having cleaned a fair share of dirty bedrooms, you can be sure that our service is enough to keep your private room clean. While most people wash their bed sheets once after every two weeks, it should be weekly. On the other hand, mattresses are often overlooked but they can act as sinks for pollen, sweat, dust and dead skin cells and you know what that may mean for your health.

It should be once a year as it can be time-consuming. Also for pillows, they tend to be overlooked, but like mattresses, they collect bacteria, but the good thing is you can check the tags to see the recommendations.  Therefore, cleaning your bedroom is extremely time-to consume, but we can do it for you. While you may need to tidy your room on a daily and weekly basis, we can lend a helping hand when you’re in a pinch.  Schedule your appointment with us today!


Did you know that 63% of Americans dislike the idea of cleaning the bathroom than any other room? But for us, every room is easy to clean with high standards to keep your entire home smelling nice. While you may need a small vacuum near the bathroom for quick daily cleaning and mop the floor weekly, you can be sure of our service, when the place needs thorough professional cleaning.
We scrub, clean and sanitize the showers, sinks, and bathtubs and even clean the toilet and backsplashes. The floor and the tiles also need to look and feel fresh and deodorized.
Have you ever had clogged shower heads? This is a common issue which may be bothersome, but you can use a mixture of vinegar and hot water. This loosens the materials clogging the shower restoring the full-force once again. However, our service will make that an easy task for you with our professional cleaning tips.